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Download Today’s The Hindu newspaper in one PDF file. Also, The download link of The Hindu pdf of Old dates is given below. A high-Quality PDF file is given so that no issue occurs while reading The Hindu ePaper. The download link is given below the article.

Now, We are sharing The Hindu Analysis  PDF For your Preparation. You can also download The Hindu pdf old PDF files for your preparation. The downloadable links of The Hindu pdf for free is given below.

The Hindu Newspaper is the Second Largest Newspaper in India. The Hindu was founded in Madras. In the beginning, it was a weekly paper, and in 1995 the Hindu became the first Indian Newspaper which was published online. The Hindu is Daily Newspaper. Its headquarters is situated in Chennai. G. Subramania Iyer founded it on 20 September 1878. Now The Hindu Group and Kasturi and Sons Limited owner of this Newspaper.

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About The Hindu  PDF

I found The Hindu PDF on the Internet. so I thought why not provide that analysis for free on my website. then I create a PDF file and share it on my website. So this pdf for all aspirants who can’t afford the Hindu newspaper or who don’t have enough time to make notes. so, all students this is for you. just click on the download link and download your handwritten notes for free. Join Telegram.

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All PDF Files are shared, we are not the owner of that. Therefore, we  are just sharing the link only for Educational Purpose. If, any one have any question about violating the rules and regulation please contact us. Above all, we are helping the poor students. our email address: [email protected]

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The Hindu Adfree PDF :

We are glad to share with all of you the adfree Version. The Hindu Adfree Version is highly required by aspirants. You can draw better attention to The topics of The Hindu epaper in this adfree version.

The Hindu epaper Editorial :

One of the most required Editorial page is of The Hindu. Therefore, You can also download the Hindu Editorial. We update the page early morning.

The Hindu Editions:  

List of Managing directors : 

List of Editors :

Other Newspaper PDF – 

Other Reference Links – 

History of Hindu Newspaper :

The Hindu newspaper was started on 20 September 1878. Four Law students and two teachers started this as Triplicane SIX. They started this with an aim to support the campaign of Sir T. Muthuswamy Iyer for a judgeship at Madras High Court. The Hindu newspaper raised the voice to protest the policies of the British Raj. This newspaper was printed at Srinidhi Press, Georgetown. Subramania Iyer was the first editor of The Hindu Newspaper and Veera Raghavacharya, the first managing director of the Hindu newspaper.

The paper was initially printed from Srinidhi Press however a short time later Transferred to Scottish Press, at that point into The Hindu Press, Mylapore. Propelled as a week by week paper, the paper turned into a tri-week after a week in 1883 and a day consistently in 1889.

Only one duplicate of this Hindu paper was estimated in annas. The workplaces moved into rented premises at 100 Mount Road around 3 December 1883. The paper began imprinting in its very own media there, called”The National Press,” that was determined to acquired assets as open memberships weren’t anticipated.

The development itself turned into The Hindu’s in 1892, after the Maharaja of Vizianagaram, Pusapati Ananda Gajapati Raju, gave The National Press credit for the development and furthermore to execute the necessary extension.

The Hindu was initially liberal in its viewpoint And is right now thought to be left-inclining. Its publication positions have made it the nickname the ‘Maha Vishnu of Mount Road’. “In the fresh out of the plastic new discourse, 100 Mount Road, that was to remain The Hindu’s home till 1939, there gave a quarto-size paper with a first page loaded up with promotions – a training which arrived at an end just in 1958 as it pursued the lead of its object of worship, the pre-Thomson Times [London]–alongside three back pages too in the function of this publicist.

In the middle of, there were a larger number of points of view than news” After 1887, when the yearly session of Indian National Congress was held in Madras, the Hindu newspaper’s inclusion of national data improved apparently, and added to the Hindu newspaper getting a day consistently starting 1 April 1889.

Modern History :

After 1985, When its ownership came to the younger members of that family. Some issues raised. Readers were complaining against the newspaper reports that they belonged to some political parties. The Editor-in-Chief, N. Ram was appointed on 27 June 2003 with a mandate to improve the quality of the Hindu newspaper.

Reviews :

In 1965, The Times enlisted The Hindu newspaper among the world’s top ten greatest papers from all over the world. After discussing all its options and writings in distinct posts of each newspaper, The Times composed: “The Hindu requires the overall seriousness to spans of seriousness” printed in Madras,[it is the only newspaper which despite being printed just in the provincial funding is frequently and carefully read in Delhi and Loved by Delhi people. It’s read not just as a remote and authoritative voice-over domestic occasion but as a reflection of the very liberal–and provincial–southern perspectives. 

It’s Delhi Bureau gives it outstanding political and budgetary dispatches likewise it passes on standard and normal reports from most state capitals, in this manner giving extra data from countries, other than its own, contrasted with numerous papers in India… It could rather be portrayed as a national voice with a southern highlight.

The Hindu can claim to be the most honored newspaper in India.” An extract in the citation reads: “Throughout almost a century of its own novel The Hindu has exerted broad impact not just in Madras but during India. Conservative in both the tone and look, it’s a broad appeal to the English-speaking sector of the populace and broad readership among police officers and business leaders.

The Hindu has given its perusers far-reaching and adjusted news inclusion, ambitious announcing, alongside likewise a calm and insightful comment… It has provided its country a model of journalistic greatness… It has battled for a bigger proportion of mankind for India and its kin… and hasn’t confined itself to thin pettiness. Its Correspondents positioned at the Significant capitals of the world give.

How to Download OLD The Hindu Newspaper?

We do not only share with you the downloadable link pf The Hindu PDF but also the store of the previous The Hindu ePaper. If any aspirants need any old Hindu ePaper in PDF, then easily can get it from the links given above. In these above Links, The Epaper is stored date wise. If anyone needs the Hindu ePaper old more than from the date given please contact us. We have all the files for you.

Disclaimer :

We are not the owner of the newspaper THE HINDU, We are just sharing the link of the pdf file of the newspaper. The Hindu PDF is already available on the Internet by other websites and also by Telegram Group. We are pleased to inform you that we are providing links to get the Hindu newspaper daily in a PDF file. 

Aspirants can easily find epaper downloadable link by clicking that aspirants can easily download the pdf file of the Hindu epaper. If you are facing any problem please feel free to contact us. 

The Hindu Quiz

If you are a reader of The Hindu epaper, you should have the basic information about THE HINDU. We are trying to give you a few basic information through this FAQ. If you want to know about The Newspaper without reading long paragraphs, you are in the right place. Let’s discuss some important FAQ : 

1.In Which city the Head Quarter of The Hindu Newspaper is situated?

Ans. Chennai  

2. In which year It was first started?

Ans: 1878  

3. Who was the founder of The Hindu Newspaper?

Ans: G. Subramania Iyer 

4. Who is the Editor of the Hindu Newspaper?

Ans: Mukund Padmanabhan

5. Who is the publisher of The Hindu Newspaper?

Ans: Narasimhan Ram 

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