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Lokmat epaper PDF Free Download today. Read Lokmat PDF daily morning. Also, download  old Lokmat PDF files. Go below the page, and you can see a list date wise and Download today’s Lokmat Newspaper.

About Lokmat Newspaper: 

Lokmat Newspaper is a Marathi Newspaper. It is the largest circulated newspaper in the Marathi language. It is so famous in the Indian state of Maharastra and Goa. Lokmat Epaper founded by Jawaharlal Darda in 1971. It is the largest read regional language newspaper in India.

Lokmat Epaper Overview :

Below Box shows an overview on Lokmat Epaper

Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Founder(s) Jawaharlal Darda, presently managed by Vijay J. Darda and Rajendra Darda
Publisher Lokmat Media Limited
Editor-in-chief Vijay J. Darda
Founded December 15, 1971
Language Marathi
Headquarters Lokmat Media Ltd, 1301/2, Lodha Supremus, Dr. E. Moses Rd, Worli Circle, Mumbai – 400 018
Country India
Circulation (as of July – December 2015)
Readership 20 million readers (Total readership, IRS 2017)

Where can I download Lokmat Newspaper  PDF? provides you Daily Lokmat epaper for free. If any Candidates want the Lokmat ePaper today PDF, then easily can receive from the Link provided below. In this Links, The Epaper is saved date wise. so, go below and download today’s newspaper for free.

Can I Download Old Lokmat PDF Files?

Yes! You can download it Very Easily. we are storing daily Lokmat PDF  ePaper. Just go below the page, and you can see a list date wise. Click on Download Now Link and your file is ready to download.

When do I get Lokmat Epaper PDF?

In Daily Morning before 7:00 AM, you can download the Lokmat  Epaper PDF file from our website If there any technical issue, we will notify you.

Lokmat ePaper Download Link :

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